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Aug 21 2009, 10:59 AM
Aug 21 2009, 09:31 AM
I hope the writing is plagiarism and new writers have to be brought back or hired anew. One poster absolutely right on the Ransom writing. Absolutely wonderful movie! On the other note of Bo and Hope, I wish just once the mighty Hope would tumble into humanness and make mistakes like she perceives Bo does every time they split. I never saw Carly, but if it teaches Hope a lesson or two, So be it.
Ransom with Mel Gibson and Rene Russo is actually a remake of an earlier movie called Ransom with Glenn Ford and Donna Reed. This Bo/Hope storyline is definitely a ripoff of those earlier movies. Can a soap be sued for plagiarism for copying a movie?
That's a good question. Some of this stuff is practically word for word with the dialogue from the movie. When Bo grabbed the phone and said what he said to the kidnappers, it was IDENTICAL to when Mel Gibson did it in the movie. So many things have been identical. I'm not saying similar....I'm saying IDENTICAL. LOL I like the story because it's exciting and I loved the movie. But, I'd be a bit embarrassed to be in those scenes because they HAVE to know this is the same thing as the movie. Soaps rip off things all the time....but does this go too far? They used the movie as a set up for a storyline.......my advice would be to start changing it up quick so it isn't such a carbon copy. I'd hate to see the show get sent off the air over something like this!
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