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Aug 21 2009, 04:03 PM
It doesn't matter who they are interviewing. They come off obnoxious as hell.

They've done it with everyone I've seen them interview. American Idol contestants, Alison Sweeney, Deidre Hall, a few times when several Days cast members were together, and now here with Peter and Kristian. I realize that when your interviewing people that you are not face to face with that it can happen at times but it's way too disorganized.
LOL another area where we disagree. I think their style brings the best out in some interviewees. I think their angle is just to do a fun morning show without having to worry about serious interview questions. Also, soap interviews are unique in that if the interviewers don't watch the soap, there is no way they can bone up on the story beforehand. That leads to some funny moments where the interviewee has to try to explain a convoluted soap story to a non-viewer. But for certain people like Peter and Kristian, the style doesn't work as well.

It's like with the View - some people can't stand their style, yet others really like it.

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