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Aug 21 2009, 04:14 PM
Aug 21 2009, 02:38 PM
Aug 21 2009, 02:34 PM
In the video they say they only have TWO emmy nominations lol.
That was funny, as was the comment about them getting Emmy recognition as usual LOL.

Days always does GDL and I think it's good that they the show is being promoted, especially using Peter and Kristian and the clips from the current story, but those GDL people are so annoying. They always talk over people and don't do their homework. Their interviews are like a free for all with no organization whatsoever.

Peter and Kristian were great and Peter nearly let out a spoiler about the baby switch. Seems whatever they are taping now could be the reveal that was spoiled in the Fall previews. Also, it seems CC is back because Peter mentioned a character coming back on from 19 years ago and how she was flashing back to times with Bo that he had no idea about (the RKK era). Assuming that is true what he said, I love that flashbacks are being used to remind old viewers and educate new viewers on who Carly is.
I hope that means when Vivian arrives we will get old flashbacks of Carly and Vivian too.
I think it's necessary but I hope we get more then just flashbacks. That was Days' first mistake with Steve and Kayla's return. We got flashbacks but it too months before their history really came into play in regards to story. By that time, many had already formed an opinion about them and then the show made things worse by isolating them from those they should be interacting with for months.

They need to show flashbacks and make sure that you use history as a part of their story right off the bat and for a good amount of time. Plus, they need to build up to the return. Mention Carly, Vivian, etc here or there. Put the names out there. Hope's return in 1994 was a good example of this. The good news is Tomlin seems to appreciate JER's style so, hopefully, he will take another page from JER here and execute the returns right so those who don't know them will become interested in them.
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