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Aug 21 2009, 09:16 PM
I give the promo negative 5 stars. Its like Zach's death all over again.

Hope: "I will never forgive you ..."

Cry me a river. How is this his fault?
Exactly.Didn't Bope renew their vows not so long ago?I guess with Hope when it comes to the ''love you in good times and bad'' part for Hope its more like I'll love you until you do something I don't agree with.Sad really,cause I do like Hope,I just hate it when she acts supierior to everyone else.I get she wants her daughter back,but she gets mad at Bo for everything,when he didn't tell her about his visions she got angry,when he does she gets angry,everything Bo is going is based on that sick vision he had,isn't the whole point to get their kid back without jumping on Bo for everything.
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