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Aug 22 2009, 01:03 PM
passions isnt a failure it was on for almost a decade..it was good enough to get renewed after cancellation, something guiding light wasnt able to do after 72 years, as well as other soaps..it lasted longer than sunset beach, and port charles, and i believe even the city...If passions was such a failure why is eveyone still talking about it..i mean this is really beginning to agitate me..no ones ever satisfied...first its why didnt lindsay get hired in the first place and why isnt she working and then when she does people complain..this is the business actors jump ship..its not that tomlin is recreating passions or else tabitha would be on doing spells..days did a realistical myth/supernatural theme long before passions anyways..lindsay , eric , and galen were unemployed so they got hired by days which is passions sister soap being on the same network..thats how it goes honestly can we get past this and just wait to see how the scenes play out! so much negative feedback is gonna end up getting days cancelled and lindsay fired..then we will still be complaining
Exactly,I mean Marlena was floating over her bed long before PASSIONS came along.
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