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Monday, August 24th
Stefano promises Nicole he'll take care of Dr. Baker; Mia makes a confession in her diary about being hung up on Chad; Bo goes through with his plan of putting a bounty on the kidnappers' heads; Rafe swears to find out the truth about Nicole for Sami.

Tuesday, August 25th
Nicole ignores Dr. Baker's calls; Sami asks Rafe why he's suspicious about Nicole; EJ questions Sami about her breakup with Rafe; Roman realizes Theo saw an angel tattoo on the kidnapper; Chad asks Mia what went wrong between them.

Wednesday, August 26th
Bo and Hope arrive at the kidnappers' shack and hear gunfire; Sami informs Dr. Baker that Grace died; Rafe shows up at Nicole's house; Lucas warns Sami about Nicole; Chad keeps Mia from getting in the car with drunken Kinsey.

Thursday, August 27th
Daniel decides to use Kate's attraction to him to his advantage; Philip and Stephanie have a drink together; Daniel convinces Brady to help him administer the experimental cure to Chloe; Kate talks to Nathan about Chloe's living will.

Friday, August 28th
Brady catches Arianna with Troy and demands to know what's going on; Sami wonders if Dr. Baker is responsible for Grace's illness; Rafe uses Nicole's phone to try to track down Dr. Baker; Lucas meets with Craig Wesley, Chloe's father.
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