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Aug 23 2009, 06:39 PM
And the week after, Dean will be either killed or sent to prison, never heard from again. No one will mention him. It's just like Owen. It's just like Ava. I'm sure it's just like Meredith as well. God forbid these writers bring on a bad guy and actually integrate him or her into the cast and then use him for a long term storyline. No. We get villains of the week. Dean had potential with Nick Stabile playing the part. Here's why I would have done:

I would have had Dean end up looking like the good guy in all of this, taking down Kyle and Brenda. They would both be dead and his secret would remain silent. I would have Bo, Hope and all of Salem look at Dean as some hero. They would invite him to family functions, he would get to know the rest of the characters through Bo and Hope. Have him become an actual character, and then when he has so much to lose after getting everyone's trust and possibly promoted in the police rankings, then have some dirt leak on Dean and then watch his downfall. I would actually care about "villain Dean" then. We've only seen Dean for a few weeks now. Why the fuck do we care about his downfall?
I would have done it the same way except with a couple changes.

1) He would have a real reason for hating Hope. The whole kidnapping fiasco was a plan that went perfectly. He could turn out to be a number of people. Mainly Nicholas Alamain or her, more interestingly, her little brother Dougie.
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