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Aug 23 2009, 06:39 PM
And the week after, Dean will be either killed or sent to prison, never heard from again. No one will mention him. It's just like Owen. It's just like Ava. I'm sure it's just like Meredith as well. God forbid these writers bring on a bad guy and actually integrate him or her into the cast and then use him for a long term storyline. No. We get villains of the week. Dean had potential with Nick Stabile playing the part. Here's why I would have done:

I would have had Dean end up looking like the good guy in all of this, taking down Kyle and Brenda. They would both be dead and his secret would remain silent. I would have Bo, Hope and all of Salem look at Dean as some hero. They would invite him to family functions, he would get to know the rest of the characters through Bo and Hope. Have him become an actual character, and then when he has so much to lose after getting everyone's trust and possibly promoted in the police rankings, then have some dirt leak on Dean and then watch his downfall. I would actually care about "villain Dean" then. We've only seen Dean for a few weeks now. Why the fuck do we care about his downfall?
That sounds great, Drew, but I doubt it would matter. Most fans probably still wouldn't care about him, regardless. Look at how many fans react to any new character that comes on the canvas, even if they stick around for a long period of time. There is always a resistance by many to new faces. Sometimes if the actor is liked, you will see a more favorable reaction but you still have many asking why there is yet another new face on the canvas. I don't think we are meant to care about Dean anyway. It's clear this kidnapping story was nothing but a way to introduce conflict for Bo and Hope, who we do care about. This isn't about Dean. If it were, we would see hints of things that could be used later on. It was the same way with Owen, whose actions caused Steph and Philip to breakup and the Dimera/Kiriakis war to end. The repercussions is what is meant to be cared about, not the character who comes in to bring them about.

Days has always had characters like Dean and Owen who come in, serve a purpose, and leave. Remember Jude St. Claire? How about JL King and Max? There were many others, including in the 80's. They cause trouble and then exit. I think because Days casts known soap actors in these roles now that sometimes people expect more. Alot of the time that is why Days can even get a known soap actor to take on these roles. The short-term aspect of them may be what draws them in. Wes Ramsey has other projects. Tamara Braun was loved by the cast and crew and the show wanted her to stay but she wanted to leave. She only signed for 6 months and admitted that was one of the factors that drew her to Days at the time (which is why I don't get her being considered a "villain of the week" when the show clearly wanted to keep her and was making her a well-rounded character on the canvas). Who knows about Nick Stabile. Maybe he has other things going on and likes that this is short-term. Maybe not. Just putting it out there that many of the names Days has gotten for these roles may like or prefer the short-term aspect.

The other thing, too, is that what OBK spoiled here is likely going to air in late September, if not later. That means Dean would've been on for about 2 months (not counting the first few weeks of him in the background). For all we know, this may not even be the end of him. I don't mind characters coming, serving their purpose, and then leaving. That has always been commonplace on soaps. Days is overusing this device (we've seen them do this alot recently, starting with Hogan's reign) but it's realistic. People do pop in and out of people's lives in real life. I just think Days needs to limit doing this for awhile but it is fun seeing known actors in these roles, at least for me.

These sound good though. I totally see a Justin/Hope pairing coming. I won't comment on Kate and Daniel beyond saying Kate's gone bonkers and I like it LOL.

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