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Aug 24 2009, 05:22 PM
This whole "aha" moment would have made a lot more sense if Rafe had discovered there was no record of Nicole giving birth at the clinic, or actually, that the records were incomplete or doctored. Then he would have reason to question why it's common knowledge that Nicole did give birth there, but the records don't back it up or at least seem suspicious in some way. That, in turn, would logically lead to Rafe investigating the circumstances surrounding Sydney's birth. But, this makes it seem like the show just forgot that it was no secret that Nicole gave birth there. The monkeys strike again.
But he did almost exactly what you say. He went there knowing Nicol had her baby there, met a sister who helped Sami during the delivery so he knows for sure she was working that night, yet the sister doesnīt remember anything about assisting Nicol even if her delivery record is in the computer. He even told Ari later itīs a very small clinic and that sister was working with Baker for an entire night, itīs simply impossible she wouldnīt remember Nicol if she really had her baby there that night. IMO, it makes perfect sense. Now, his theory about Nicol wanting to hurt Samiīs baby is a little weird, but he knows EJ was there (because the sister remembers him) and he knows Nicol never delivered her baby there, so she had to have some different reason.

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