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well, part of the problem is that he told arianna that he is suspcious because nicole, ej and sami never ran into one another. as he knows himself, sami took off with grace and teresa not very long after she gave birth...so why would sami and nicole have seen one another, especially if nicole was there legitimately--nicole and ej would have been there for longer than just a couple of hours, unlike sami.

another problem i have with this nurse story is that she actually isn't the nurse we saw working with sami and baker that night. the woman attending during sami's birth was an older woman, not this girl we saw talking to rafe. even if i forget all of that and assume she was the only person around, why would she remember ej and sami, but not nicole? nicole was there the night sami gave birth. she was actually confronted by a nurse when she was holding grace/sydney and was questioned as to why she was there handling the babies. of course baker rushed in and smoothed things over, but nicole was seen at the clinic that night by a member of the nursing staff.
also, like someone else said above, i don't understand why rafe is certain that nicole is lying about giving birth at the clinic just because a nurse he met online doesn't remember her. these are all events that happened over six months ago. her not remembering a specific patient on a specific night of the year is par for the course, in my mind.
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