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Aug 24 2009, 05:12 PM
Aug 24 2009, 05:05 PM
i don't get the rafe/sarah convo either. rafe kept making this huge deal about sami being seen, but not being in the records and vice versa with nicole. he knows sami wasn't on record and that no birth certificate was filed. he also knows that sami went to the clinic without any planning involved, because they were on the run and she was hidden away in the convent for the time being. so that doesn't back up his idea that nicole knew sami was giving birth at the clinic and went there with nefarious plans for grace. i guess there is a disconnect with me because for one, rafe is finding out info he should already know and two, he's taking this supposedly 'new' info and leaping to some mighty big conclusions with it. yes, he's close to the truth, but in my mind, he doesn't really have the evidence to assume that nicole did something to grace. i know i've said this a million times, but today once again made it painfully obvious that rafe is the wrong person to oust nicole. plus his line about how he knows nicole is capable of harming a child is a little overboard. he doesn't even know the woman for heaven's sake.
Glad it's not just me who can't figure out what was so "wow!" about that info, all of which I would have thought he already had. And ITA that he has no reason to say Nicole would harm a child, particularly because (1) he has no evidence she ever has, in fact, hurt any child, including when she was previously a stepmother to Will, Sami's child and (2) supposedly what made him so suspicious is that Nicole was too devastated over Grace's death. And exactly what long-range plan did Nicole set in motion? Grace was what, six months old almost at the time of her death? She had been in Sami's care for that time frame, not Nicole's, so what exactly is it he think Nicole did? I would agree that taking a child from her mother is hurtful to the child, but I think Rafe has something physical in mind, and Sydney is, as far as we know, in perfect health and Nicole had no access to Grace around the time of her death, so I don't get it.

I don't really care that it's Rafe (if it is) who unravels the whole thing, but I stupidly hoped the way he did it might at least make some sense. I have got to stop giving this show the benefit of the doubt.
Rafe was totally out of the picture being tortured by the killer the night Sami gave birth and he wasn't told much more detail about that from Sami other than she used an alias. I don't believe Rafe entered this investigation knowing that Nicole 'gave birth' at the same remote clinic as Sami I'm sure she expected her to have a private room at the best hospital being a Dimera - so it makes sense to me why he would be surprised.

Also Rafe watched Sami trying to 'leave' witness protection on too many occasions and rant and go balistic when she realised that Nicole 'the criminal' and I quote who was accused of murdering her ex-husband, she was currently arrested for attempted murder was being step mom to Johnny etc. Sami went on and on about their bad relationship and how evil Nicole was.

Rafe saw Nicole bawling at Grace's grave! Now you would wonder why Nicole arch enemy of Sami would be devastated at her enemies baby's death? He is going on a hunch, he doesn't know what is off with the situation he just knows that something is, hence all the guesses about what Nicole could be up to. There's the whole Mia bit which he has pieces to but doesn't yet know that the clues are connected. It is a deeply complex number of 'happenings' that Nicole was engaged with to get this baby switch done and I doubt Rafe will unravel it all. Others will start unravelling other parts I think.
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