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I really can't wait until Dr. Baker is off my screen. I hated the character when he first came on, and I still hate him.

I'm still enjoying Stefano and Nicole working together. They're a match made in hell. I wouldn't mind a Stefano and Nicole pairing. after Nicole's secret is exposed and EJ dumps her lying ass.

I don't get Rafe's conclusion either. I feel like he hasn't solved a damn thing, but apparently he has? :shrug:

I really like Dean and Brenda, but there's no point in getting invested in either character because they won't be here long, not with these writers. Both have staying power, but it's not going to happen. They're only here to serve a plot purpose, not be characters. After the plot point is over, so are they. Sad really. :shame:

I'm already rooting for Justin and Hope. :cheer: And I was one of those that said Bo and Hope don't need another person coming between them. However, Wally Kurth and Kristian Alfonso are great together, and I would be okay with Hope going to Justin if she and Bo's marriage ends.

Without the visions, this is a great storyline and one that I really enjoy. It's when the visions become a part of the storyline that my eyes go a-rolling and I become annoyed.

Add me to those that find Mia better with Chad than Will. At first, I didn't think Mia had much of a connection with either character, but after a few scenes of just Chad and Mia the last few episodes, I'm becoming a fan of theirs. I wouldn't mind Chad and Mia being endgame, Chad turning into the good guy in the triangle, while Will, scorned by Mia's going back to Chad, decides to make their lives hell. He'll then prove that he's Lucas and Sami's son.

Oh! And why did Tad have that sappy love song on his iPod? :lol:
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