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Aug 24 2009, 11:53 PM
I really like Dean and Brenda, but there's no point in getting invested in either character because they won't be here long, not with these writers. Both have staying power, but it's not going to happen. They're only here to serve a plot purpose, not be characters. After the plot point is over, so are they. Sad really. :shame:

Does the show really need more characters though (especially new ones)? I like Brenda and Dean and their portrayers but you can't keep every character that comes onscreen forever. There are short-term roles for a reason. Sometimes that is all a character is meant to be is short-term. That is the case here. They both have a role, they serve it, and the show moves on. The show is doing such a good job casting that they have people wishing everyone casted should remain on. Days really needs to limit the short-term roles for a bit though. In the past 3 years, they've had way too many. However, I don't necessarily mind it only because we get to see some great actors and actresses and it's realistic. In real life, people pop in and out of people's lives. Not everyone sticks around. Not every bad guy can get redeemed. It's just the way it is.

Totally agree about Justin and Hope. To me, it's been clear since Wally came back what they wanted to do. Also, is Wally really recurring like Corday said he was? He's been on every day since he came back! There is great chemistry there and considering the history between the characters, it works. Plus, fans like Justin and I think that makes a possible pairing work even more.

I also agree that this story works so much better without the visions and I'm happy with how they've been used so far. We got them alot in the beginning but they are no longer a major player in this now. I like how they laid this out too. Even without the visions, Bo has his reasons for feeling the way he does and Hope has her reasons. I can see both sides. Is it a ripoff of a movie? Yes. But, as Sindacco says, what isn't a ripoff nowadays? Most movies that come out nowadays are. True, the show could've added something new and fresh but I guess the visions makes it somewhat new and fresh so there you go.

I love Nicole and Stefano. I may be the only one but, to me, the vibe between them is very much like Stefano and Kristen. It's very father/daughter like. I like it and hope it continues.

Love Dr. Baker. I really wish he could stick around but his time is up, sadly.

It's sad how the SPD could not hire Rafe, who is figuring out the baby switch mess 10X faster then a Salem cop can figure out a crime has been committed. Remind me again why the SPD would not hire Rafe? I guess you have to be a Brady to get anywhere in that department. No wonder why Dean is pissed...

I do like Rafe and Arianna's scenes though. I will miss Felisha. She really become more consistent in her performances over the last several weeks, even opposite Eric Martsolf.

I also have to say that this teen set SUCKS. Seriously, I could care less. This is the first time in years that I can't muster almost any emotion about an aspect of this show. Sure, I like Dylan Patton's Will and Tad (and the actor who plays him). I also like Taylor Sprietler as Mia (her and Patton rocked during Grace's death) but I just feel like this story is nothing but filler. There is no focus on it whatsoever. When there is focus, it all feels forced and generic. Taylor has sucked as Mia since Grace's death, the only exception being when she acts opposite adult characters like she did Nicole today. Ari tends to help her raise her game anyway. Then again, Dylan Patton does better with the older characters too. Can someone please tell these teens to stay alive in all their scenes? When together, they all are lifeless. It doesn't help that Chad looks about 8 years older then Will, Mia, and Tad. Miscasts all around. Gotta also love how Days is trying to cover up their lazy excuse for character naming? Calling Tad "T" or "T-Unit?" Really, Days? Between that crap and the horrible dialogue for these teens, I feel like OLTL's dialogue team is scripting these scenes. Ugh.

Did like Will out looking for Ciara though. I enjoy little things like that.

Not a bad episode today.
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