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on the other hand, though, if bo had brushed off his vision and let hope pay the ransom and ciara was shot, hope would have flipped right the hell out of her gourd and blamed him for not telling her...just like she did with kayla's shooting. there's no rhyme or reason to what hope will blame bo for. he really is damned if he does and damned if he doesn't, especially when it comes to these visions. if he warns hope ahead of time, she doesn't really believe him, and if he doesn't warn her, she's furious wih him for not being honest. what makes this all even more nonsensical on her part is that she was willing to take away her child's favorite toy based on one of those visions, because she and bo were somehow sure that a teddy bear was the lynchpin in the kidnapping vision, but when it comes down to their daughter possibly being shot, hope can't and won't believe that vision. it's really difficult for me to understand her point of view because she's just not logical at all.

but i get what people are sayign about bo. if i were him, i would have thrown my hands in the air long ago and just let the bitch have her way. that way when something goes wrong, she has no one to blame but herself for once.
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