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Aug 25 2009, 03:51 AM
Aug 25 2009, 01:00 AM
Also, I asked the producer on twitter why the promos are so short and she responded by saying that the network no longer bothers to air them anymore so they condensed them, figuring long promos were no longer necessary. Now, here she is offering to link people to it rather then telling them to watch for it. It's just stupid to put all this effort into something that only will get seen online if people no where to find it.
I don't understand what's so stupid about it. It's better to show it online than not showing at all.
But why go through the effort and funds for something that is only going to be shown to people who somehow come across it on the NBC site? Unless you frequent that site or message boards like this one, you have no idea it's even out there. It would be one thing if NBC started posting the promo on various sites or something. Not to mention....the producer admitted the affiliates don't seem interested in showing the promos so they make them brief. Why bother? The promos do nothing to help the show and those who do see them can't stand them so why bother investing them? Invest in other forms of promotion if this is the way things are going to be.

As for those who posted saying they have seen promos or know of people that have, I'm happy that is the case. Maybe it is an affiliate thing as the producer did mention that affiliates didn't seem interesting in showing the promos but that does not mean they don't show them at all, I suppose. Still, seeing the promos here and there is not enough. The promos should be shown all day during programming, at the very least. They should be shown at least twice in primetime and in late night. That is the way it used to be. You can't just limit promos to primarily online viewing. Not everyone surfs the net enough to notice and, if the promos can't be easily accessible for everyone, it's pointless. NBC really needs to deal with the promotion issue and stop putting little to not effort into it. Days needs all the promotion it can get. Promote online and on TV. Put ads in magazines. Get the word out there so you stand a chance at getting people to tune in. Days did decent for most of this year with very little promotion. It stands a chance at much more with a more aggressive promotion effort.
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