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Aug 25 2009, 03:10 PM
Why was there never any indiction that Kyle was a sex offender before? He's had Ciara in his posession for weeks now. But he doesn't start showing signs that he may be a sex offender until after Hope finds out. Now, all of a sudden, he looks at Ciara all weird and wants to take her into the woods? Poor directing/writing there.
Actually, there were signs from the get go. The lollipop and way he stalked her in the beginning. The way he looked at her and behaved right before he kidnapped her at the park two weeks ago. The way he behaved and looks at her at the cabin (especially hating that he told her that she would never see her parents again if she doesn't stay quiet). The guy playing Kyle has played it really well.

I remember you saying you missed a few episodes around the time Justin returned and some of those episodes actually address the point of concern you brought up. There were signs there, though. Not only in the writing/directing but in the actor's performance, as well.
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