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Rafe/Sami/Nicole/EJ: Corday says this is "the story that drives the show": Rafe begins to figure out things about whose baby Sydney is. "That lights the fuse and the bomb will blow up once we get to the end of October/beginning of November". However, when Rafe "gets all of the goods", Meredith returns to town, and something happens to Rafe where he cannot tell Sami. Meredith is a "completely loose cannon".

Not looking forward to Rachel Kimsey returning, but whatever, at least the reveal will be out. I'm assuming the "bomb blow[ing]" means everything's out, so Meredith must return before end of October/beginning of November. Or maybe I just don't speak Corday.

Bo/Hope/Justin/Carly: "The fallout of the kidnapping is big." Hope turns to Justin and "leans on him" while things deteriorate between Bo and Hope. Hope leaves Bo, bringing Ciara with her. Justin doesn't want to get in the way of Bo and Hope's marriage, "but he is a friend". "And then Carly returns to town."

No surprises here. Well, at least I'll be glad to see Carly, hopefully anyway.

Chloe/Daniel/Kate: "Chloe wakes up, finally." Daniel proposes to Chloe, and they reunite, though Victor tries to stop it. "They will overcome the odds and cut to: happy couple." However, Kate has attempted murder, so she goes to Stefano for help. Will Stefano "rig the jury" to gain her acquittal?

Well . . . I guess the Kate/Stefano stuff sounds interesting and at least Lucas and Chloe are over, that's the good news.

Will/Mia/Chad: Mia tells Will that she had a baby. "It's a bump in the road in their relationship", but what will Chad do when he finds out?

Wow, don't care.

Philip/Stephanie/Melanie/Nathan: Stephanie finds out that Melanie and Philip made love. "It's a very embarrassing time for both Philip and Melanie." Melanie tries to explain things to Stephanie, but she's not interested. She breaks up with Philip, because she's been tricked too many times. "Nathan and Melanie will bond after they're arrested for helping Daniel." One of them must move out of Maggie's house.

Every mention of Phelony sex nauseates me, but at least there's no mention here like there was in SOW of Philip and Nathan "competing" for Melanie.

Arianna/Brady: "Victor is on to what Arianna is up to." However, Victor and the viewers don't know that Arianna has a "surprising" connection to someone else in Salem. Victor blackmails Arianna which upsets her greatly.

I think the viewers have been guessing that Arianna has some other connection, lol. I hope the surprise is also interesting, but then, I'm the optimistic type.

Thanks for posting, Ellie! Nothing too provocative from Corday this time!
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