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Please link to DR.

This week's SOD features interviews with Joe Mascolo, Galen Gering and Ari Zucker.

Rafe finds Dr. Baker, dead, in the Dominican Republic; Dr. Baker has been strangled. Rafe gets knocked out by someone, and a rope is put in Rafe's hand so that it will seem that he has committed the murder. Sami finds him there, and Rafe realizes he's being framed. Sami and Rafe get rid of the evidence and leave, but Sami finds a business card with Dr. Baker's lawyer's name on it. She takes the business card with her.

Meanwhile, in Salem, "Nicole starts bugging Stefano about that sleazy worm and asks Stefano to be blunt," Joe Mascolo says. Stefano tells Nicole that he'd be happy to be blunt: he tells her Dr. Baker is dead. Stefano coordinated the entire plot. Mascolo says, "[Stefano] put the word out, and it was taken care of."

Nicole remembers that Dr. Baker's lawyer has a "tell-all letter" which details the baby switch, and the letter is going to be sent to the authorities if Dr. Baker dies. Stefano asks Nicole if she can find out who Dr. Baker's lawyer is. Mascolo says that "[Stefano] invites the lawyer to the DiMera mansion and does a little number on him." The lawyer gives the letter to Stefano, and Stefano gives the letter to Nicole. Stefano threatens the lawyer and offers to pay him off if the lawyer leaves town. Stefano and Nicole think everything's all set.

However, Stefano leaves the room and the lawyer tells Nicole that two more letters are also in existence. One has already been mailed to Mia, and the other to Sami. Ari Zucker says, "It never goes Nicole's way. Something always goes wrong."

Nicole goes to visit Sami so that she can try to get the letter before Sami does. Sami takes Sydney outside while Nicole waits inside and gets the mail. Nicole does get the letter, but then Rafe comes in.

Meanwhile, Lexie is worried about Stefano. Mascolo explains that Stefano is betraying his son, "which is to me the biggest sin of all". Mascolo says that Stefano goes along with it because "he wants to see his son happy", and he feels they have everything taken care of.

However, at the end of the week, Chad goes into Mia's room to read her diary, and he sees the letter she received...

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