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I didn't comment on the SOW Fall previews because they were vague and not worth it. I always prefer SOD because they are a little more focused and give you a bit more. I'm happy that Corday was rather vague about things but provided enough to make people want to watch. They really are keeping information about the returns under wraps.

Rafe/Sami/Nicole/EJ: Corday says this is "the story that drives the show": Rafe begins to figure out things about whose baby Sydney is. "That lights the fuse and the bomb will blow up once we get to the end of October/beginning of November". However, when Rafe "gets all of the goods", Meredith returns to town, and something happens to Rafe where he cannot tell Sami. Meredith is a "completely loose cannon".

I figured Rafe would disappear after learning the WHOLE truth. I just thought that Stefano would have him kidnapped but I prefer this since the whole Meredith thing has to be dealt with. I know some will say Meredith is another "villain of the week" but she is tied into Rafe's past so she was needed. I just cringe thinking about Rachel Kimsey playing a psycho because her acting was not very good as Meredith. I always felt the baby switch should reach it's explosive climax in November and it sounds like that happens. I'm glad.

Bo/Hope/Justin/Carly: "The fallout of the kidnapping is big." Hope turns to Justin and "leans on him" while things deteriorate between Bo and Hope. Hope leaves Bo, bringing Ciara with her. Justin doesn't want to get in the way of Bo and Hope's marriage, "but he is a friend". "And then Carly returns to town."

I'm beginning to think that the show changed it's plans and replaced Daniel in this story with Justin. Corday said back in a June interview that Daniel would be involved with Bo, Hope, and Carly and that Justin was going to be simply a "talk to." Sounds to me like that has changed. I like it though because Justin and Hope look great together and it's not forced. There is history there. Can't wait for Carly.

Chloe/Daniel/Kate: "Chloe wakes up, finally." Daniel proposes to Chloe, and they reunite, though Victor tries to stop it. "They will overcome the odds and cut to: happy couple." However, Kate has attempted murder, so she goes to Stefano for help. Will Stefano "rig the jury" to gain her acquittal?

Good to see it's true that Kate becomes involved with Stefano again. That should be good. My guess is that the marriage proposal is revisited and that Stefano will force her to marry him for his help or something like that. Glad Kate at least doesn't get off the hook so easily. Glad we will see Chloe and Daniel together. I know I'm in the minority on this board but I like them and it will be nice to see what they are like as a happy couple that isn't merely lusting after each other. I do have to wonder if we will even get the chance to see them happy. Nadia's contract is up in November so I can see them riding off into the sunset now that it seems Daniel is not moving into the Hope/Bo/Carly stuff. I've always felt the plan was for at least someone from this story to leave at the end of it. I hate that there is no mention of Lucas but, then again, they mentioned him in SOW's previews. I still have this feeling him going off to rehab maybe an exit for him but we'll see.

Will/Mia/Chad: Mia tells Will that she had a baby. "It's a bump in the road in their relationship", but what will Chad do when he finds out?

This should be good. I could care less about the triangle but I can't wait to see how the truth about the baby plays here. It should add some spark to the dynamic between all three.

Philip/Stephanie/Melanie/Nathan: Stephanie finds out that Melanie and Philip made love. "It's a very embarrassing time for both Philip and Melanie." Melanie tries to explain things to Stephanie, but she's not interested. She breaks up with Philip, because she's been tricked too many times. "Nathan and Melanie will bond after they're arrested for helping Daniel." One of them must move out of Maggie's house.

Why must one move out of Maggie's house? I don't really get that but whatever. Guess it allows for one of them to get it in with Philip or Stephanie behind the other's back. I like this quad though so I look forward to all this. I like Philip and Stephanie but I hope this breakup lasts a significant amount of time like the last one should've. I know they are technically not together and are moving slow but I feel they should've dragged that out longer. Nonetheless, excited about this.

Arianna/Brady: "Victor is on to what Arianna is up to." However, Victor and the viewers don't know that Arianna has a "surprising" connection to someone else in Salem. Victor blackmails Arianna which upsets her greatly.

I'm going to guess and say she is connected to Roman or Abe since it seems she could be undercover. We'll see. It would be shocking as hell if she ends up tied to Lawrence or Stefano. That would be cool. One thing I like is that with Lindsey Hartley in the role it seems we will be seeing her mix it up with Victor and Lindsey always worked well with the older, veteran actors on Passions. She was always fierce in those scenes so she and John Aniston should be great together. Look forward to this.

All in all, not too bad. I like the vagueness and it looks like things will really get good as we move through September. I do also like how Corday basically admitted the summer was rather slow but his "simmer" comment LOL.

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