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This week's SOD features a short interview with Molly Burnett.

This week, Philip proposes to Stephanie, and Melanie and Nathan arrive and hear her say yes. Molly Burnett says that Melanie "is heartbroken... but on some level, she knows that Philip loves Stephanie." Burnett says that Melanie also realizes that what she and Philip had was a "rebound thing" on some level.

However, then the motel manager puts the sex tape (of Melanie and Philip) on the internet. Burnett says that this is "horrifying" to Melanie: "She's trying to be a better person and if it gets out, everything she has tried to do to change her reputation goes to hell."

Melanie asks Brady and Arianna to help her, and they go to the motel manager, but as SOD says, "the damage is done." Burnett explains that not only is Melanie worried about what people in Salem will think, but "on top of that, she thinks Philip is going to think that she put it online on purpose."

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