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Aug 26 2009, 11:51 AM
Hope is so freaking predictable. Not interested. What a waste of Justin. And Carly.

Daniel and Chloe ... so does "cut to happy couple" mean that they get to sail off into the sunset? Pretty Please with self-tanner on top??

Couldn't care less about Mia/Chad/Will ... which bumms me out because I had such high hopes for Will's return. I really should know better by now.

Stephanie can leave town now. Seems like a good time to go visit mom and papa.

I'm looking forward to Ari's performances in the reveal, but that's about it. I still couldn't care less about Rafe, Meredith, the secret, Arianna, her secert ... none of it. Just don't care.

Where's Lucas? Where's Vivian? Lawrence?
Seems like there is a lot missing here, and what is here is a lot of who-gives-a-shit. Or maybe I'm just jaded.
I'm wondering where Lawrence is too.I wonder if MS return is just short term and we see what happened between Carly and Lawrence in flashbacks.
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