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I think some of this sounds pretty good. I knew the Bo and Hope break-up was inevitable because it's a pattern for Hope to leave when she disagrees with the way Bo handles things, but unlike previous hook-ups (Franco, Patrick) I could get interested in a Justin/Hope match. They definitely have chemistry together, and I'd much prefer Justin in whatever the Bo/Carly/Hope storyline will be, rather than Daniel. He and Chloe need to ride off into the sunset together. Unfortunately for Bryan Datillo, I kind of get the impression he may be a goner, too. He's been completely marginalized, not even a player in the story of his wife's affair. Not a good sign for him.

I'm excited for the baby switch reveal. That could have all kinds of interesting fallout. Right now I'm kind of bored with Rafe's investigation since he doesn't seem to be discovering anything all that shocking, but it's hard to remember what we know that he doesn't know.

It's hard to come up with a reason why either Melanie or Nathan needs to leave Maggie's house since this is the same show that sent Lucas home from prison to live with the man he tried to murder, but this is DAYS so good sense always goes out the window!

Arianna--I'm looking forward to Lindsey Hartley taking over the role. I rarely watched PASSIONS, but whenever I did, she was definitely the highlight of the show for me. I'm assuming she's undercover, working with someone on the Salem PD, but maybe the show is going to take a chance and make her a bad girl. It will be interesting to see her with Victor. He's a strong, powerful character, but I think LH is an actress that can hold her own against him.

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