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Interesting preview. Things are definitely picking up and there is a lot of unexpecting twists. I never expected Meredith to return. And Arianna being related to someone in Salem is surprising as well. I really want to know who it is.

I think the someone who will have to leave Maggie´s house is Mel, simply because she wil disappoint her, first with the sextape and motel sex with Phillip and next with involving Nathan in helping Chloe. I think Maggie will see her as the bad influence and ask her to move out.

The Bope story is predictable but it´s hard to create something new. It just shows how it´s good there is only one supercouple anymore. I wouldn´t rule Daniel out yet either because the previews are for the story up to Carly´s arrival. CC confirmed there will be no Carly/Bo revisiting anytime soon and I read a rumor she and Daniel supposedly have a common past.

Kate and Stefano sounds interesting and logical, beside Victor he is the only one who has enough power to save her from prison. Nice there is no temporary insanity or another pilk addiction out for her.

Seems Chad will be involved much more than I thought which is good because Casey is the strongest actor from the teen group. I like Mia but she really needs to show a little more energy. Sometime she is so melancholic.

Maybe we will have a big Daniel/Chloe wedding in November? With the newlyweds leaving short time after? Either that, or Carly´s arrival will quickly change things. And maybe he will finally have that affair with Lexie. He is a horndog and I think the writers like thim that way. Maybe he could get involved with Stephanie?
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