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Aug 26 2009, 02:33 PM
Is it just me or does Alison Sweeney's hair look less bleached?
I've noticed that too. It started a little before her week-long hiatus. She is looking much better.

Loved the Lumi scenes today. Also like that we got some Lucas/Will scenes. We don't see Will nearly enough with his parents and Dylan is much better in scenes with older characters.

I just loved the Rafe/Nicole scenes and the SPD should be kicking themselves for not hiring him. Oh well. I guess if they did, he would get dumbed down to fit in LOL. Just glad we are building up to the unraveling of this now. I like that the show is slowly building up to it and not just having it unravel quickly. Makes it worth it.

The teen crap sucks. Why would I care about a triangle that involves two characters with no connections to the canvas that haven't even been around long. They really should've made Chad related or at least connected to someone or connected Mia to someone. I realize they have forging a connection with Maggie but that isn't enough. I'm all for new blood but two thirds of a triangle having no connections to the canvas is a big no no. I like the actor playing Chad (just don't like him playing Chad) but he was horrible in the scenes leading up to the car crash. Taylor Sprietler needs an energy drink or something when she acts with anyone outside of the adult characters. Since Grace's death, the girl is half asleep with her acting most of the time. Dylan was pretty good today though and the actress playing Kinsey finally showed me something but she's still a waste. Why not bring Joy Wesley on and make her a bitch instead of use Kinsey? Ugh.

The climax to the kidnapping saga was good. I had to laugh at how Dean is sitting there bleeding and Bo and Hope could honestly care less. Yes, I know they were reuniting with their daughter but it took forever for one of them to even ask about him and even when they did, they sort of came off like he was an afterthough. No wonder Dean hates them LOL. Nick Stabile and Nikki Deloach were brilliant today though. The Dean and Brenda scenes were pretty damn good and I hope Deloach finds work on another soap because she's very good.

Good show today.
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