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Halloween Family
Aug 26 2009, 04:26 PM
I am really surprised that they said Kyle was a sex offender but it worked so well when it was reported because the look on Hope's face and the tear streaming down her face was so great. In a way I am glad that kyle was a SO because it was pretty confusing to have him sniffing the bear and not be some kind of pervert. I wondered tho, what was up with Dean and the way he stroked Ciara before pulling off her ribbon, maybe it was unintentially came off as pedophilic. It's pretty clear cut that Dean will be going bye bye soon but it could have been interesting to have him on for a while longer as the wolf in sheeps clothing to be hailed as a hero and have this kidnapping/murder come out months or years later. I am interested as to why Dean did all this and how he would interact with the Salemites.

The scene between Mia and Chad where he was stopping her from getting into the car was awful. With a few exceptions, watching the teens feel like wading through quicksand. Kinsey's physical features are interesting...she's pretty but strange looking at the same time. Chad and Tad are pretty good.

Alison Sweeney looks great. The Lumi scenes were nice, they felt familiar and comforting.
I agree. That scene of Hope with the tear streaming down her face was powerful. The pedophile aspect really added some intensity to this and made sense given how things unfolded. I still believe this kidnapping plot was to happen earlier in the summer but things changed. It seemed like the Bo/Hope stuff got pushed back a bit following the announcement of the big returns so I think they changed things up a bit. The Dean stuff could be milked for at least a few months. Hell, you could have Bo catching on and Hope defending him because he saved Ciara. That would cause even more conflict.

Couldn't agree more about the teen stuff. The show has not done a good job at all setting up this teen set. They did a good job with Will and somewhat with Mia but now they are way too isolated. We need more scenes of Will with his parents. More Mia/Maggie scenes or maybe even Mia/Brady. They really need to connect Chad to someone, even if it's just making someone on the show or that is returning his aunt or uncle. Kinsey needs to go too. If you need teens, bring on some of the ones who have family in Salem or did at one point. It's ok to have one or two with no connections to the canvas but not when your building a triangle like they are with Will/Mia/Chad. Mia and Chad are both new and, if they end up together, no one will care because neither has a connection to anyone, really.
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