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You know, Dean can really be a great character fooling everyone in town, coming over to Bope's house for dinner, exploring why he hung around sex offenders, why it was so easy to kill his girlfriend ( I could see the justfication for Kyle), why such an elaborate plan just to get a promotion? I really like the idea of Bope putting him on a pedastal and even setting him up with Stephanie to get her away from big bad Phillip. Who knows what kind of messed up shit he could get Stephanie into. IDK, it might be a bad sign when I am more interested in the day players more than the core characters.

In general, I am ok with Chad (he's good in the acting dept) and I dont mind that he doesnt come from the core families--it's just the triangle I dont like. It doesnt help any that Will and Mia look like they've taken sedatives before the scenes but I do "enjoy" them more when they interact with the adults, I liked seeing Lucas all fatherly. And poor Kinsey, they slapped her with the "bitch" stick hard.
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