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I agree about this teen stuff--totally boring and the actress playing Mia is awful. She looks drugged, like she can barely muster the energy to keep her eyes open. And Will's best scene was the trivia break with Bryan Datillo. That was funny!

I liked the Lumi scenes today. They are so wonderful together as friends, which is why I hated them as a romantic couple. The friends chemistry is powerful; the lovers chemistry not so much. Alison Sweeney looked very pretty today, but BD needs a haircut. I don't like the long hair on him.

I'm glad Ciara was rescued so quickly. Now we're ready to move on to the inevitable Hope-walking-out-on-Bo part of the story. I hate this cycle; maybe it's time to split up Bo and Hope for good. And this comes from a long time fan of theirs, but I'm tired of their trust issues and the way Hope treats Bo. No matter what he does, it's wrong, and instead of trying to work things out, she walks out. Every time. That's not the way you work on issues in a marriage. Anyway...glad Ciara is safe and out from under that blanket. I wonder how long it will be until she hears Dean flicking that lighter and identifies him as one of the kidnappers?
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