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I am a Sami & Rafe fan, that is a fact.

But, I don't despise EJ to the point that I want him killed. I would like to see him with someone just not Sami, to me that relationship will always be doomed. He, however, has potential. But, not with Nicole, he needs someone that will love him enough to trust him with anything, attention my fellow fan members-- it could happen.

So I will never understand why fans of EJ & Sami, despise Rafe so much. Are they afraid that Rafe & Sami's love is too strong for EJ to fight? Don't they believe in their couple? And if they do, why not give new cast members a try.

Rafe is a very complicated man, with a secret past. Sorta like John, matter of fact, a lot like John. He is nice, loving, cunning, strong, fearless, & smart, which to the DiMeras makes him a force to be recogned with. I know what EJ & Sami fans maybe thinking :blah:, but I'm serious.

Rafe being framed for murder didn't see that coming, but once again it's Sami to the rescue, he's said it before she's his hero. :hail: I wonder if she'll ice his head for him, Nurse Nightingale to the rescue.

Stefano, I knew he was the killer. The man is a murderer, everybody needs to wake up and smell the coffee burning on the stove. Nicole you're so naughty, bad girl- bad girl, whatcha goin' do- whatcha goin' do when Rafe comes for you.

You don't have to love Safe to Love Rafe.
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