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Aug 27 2009, 01:10 AM
But that's the point, I utterly, totaly, and completely can not stand Rafe. He is as boring as you can get. I can't get invested in Safe because I fall asleep due to Rafe.

I am not a Rafe fan. I think it's the actor, frankly, because I didn't like Luis on Passions either after a while. I think comparing him to John is apt- relatively interesting on paper but the character doesn't fully come alive for me.

And in terms of relationships- EJ/Sami lost me with Santo/Colleen and the story that made Stefano suck ass with the secret Sister sister and all that crap. Rafe/Sami seems designed mostly to resemble Roman/Marlena. Which is really more about pushing Sami into that role than anything else. So, I guess I hate them both equally.

As far as the storyline- meh. I like the idea of the letters because it reminds me of Marlena's letter to John way back in the day, in a way. Just don't really care about the context.
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