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Aug 27 2009, 01:59 AM
I can't wait to see Theresa vs. Alistair. And I wonder what's going to happen to Luis that takes him out- if Chloe wakes up they'll have an open hospital bed, right? Coma!

Hope Theresa is connected to EJ somehow. Don't know why I think that would be interesting, but I do.

Hope/Justin/Bo/Carly sounds...bad. I understand the vagueness (it's a tease and, y'know, they're probably still writing the story, picking from message board suggestions as desired) but it also seems to be something they're seriously banking on to increase the audience. I don't see how you can do that without a bit more actual information. Some of us are curious yet beyond the point where we can just trust that it'll all be cool.

Best part is that it seems like it's time for Chloe/Daniel to disappear. They're so distant from everything else going on and there's no hint that they'll be integrated, sort of like Max/Chelsea were before they left.
LOL to Alistair.

Seriously, though, people complain when the show gives out too much. Why watch if they give out enough details to basically tell us the way the returns come about? There is no fun in that. This is the way your supposed to do them. People know Carly and Vivian are coming back. Corday already said they both get huge entrances. It's clear there is going to be an element of shock here so to just come out and spoil the details in an article like this (which has always been intended to be merely an overview of what we are getting anyway only Corday always spilled details because he thought it helped the audience to tune in, which it didn't because they knew too much beforehand). We already know they shot promos and interviews for Carly's return. There will no doubt be countless magazine articles about it. We will still have some more details to come beforehand but to spill them now would be dumb so points to Days here. As for still writing the story, considering CC is already taping and has been for more then a week, I'm pretty sure that isn't the case since Corday (who I know lies but still) said the story was being written back in June when he did an SOD interview back then and CC seems to have an idea of what the story is because she's hinted in her tweets. Days is better planned under Tomlin so they aren't just flailing about in the writing department.

As for the baby switch, it's not all about Rafe but Rafe/Sami is a component of it. Rafe is simply the vehicle by which alot of it comes out. Once the shit hits the fan, the focus will primarily be on EJ, Sami, and Nicole.
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