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A Closer Look -- Nick

The cat is out of the bag this week when Nick finally learns that he, not Jack, is the father of Sharon's baby. Joshua Morrow details the stunning revelation -- and the fallout.

WEEKLY: So how and where does the big reveal come about?

MORROW: They're inside Sharon's room at the psychiatric facility. Nick's just coming by to talk to her about Noah, and he overhears Sharon speaking to her mother, and he hears that the child is his and not Jack's. He is floored, because he wanted for so long for that baby to be his, and to hear it in that setting and realize that he had been lied to, it's pretty difficult for him to accept.

WEEKLY: And he confronts her?

MORROW: He walks in and says, "Is this baby mine?" and "Why would you do this?" He cannot understand why she would do this. Then, later on, he realizes that she lied to him for him, to help him go back to Phyllis and Summer and put all his energy and focus on them, because they need him at this time. It's truly a selfless act on Sharon's part, but he is still like, "I don't know how you could do this to me. You know how badly I wanted this baby." It is kind of a crazy situation.

WEEKLY: Poor Nick. It's an impossible situation.

MORROW: It's hard to say "poor Nick," because the guy has kind of been a donkey lately. It could be "poor Nick" in the sense that of all the things that have gone down, the thing he wanted most in this world was to have another little girl with Sharon. He's not trying to replace Cassie in any way, but he wants to try and do this over the right way. I find it sad, because it's a beautiful thing that Nick wanted to do. He wanted to have another little girl. Nick hasn't made things easy on himself lately. He's made some very difficult decisions.

WEEKLY: Does Nick think about telling Phyllis the truth before she leaves for Switzerland?

MORROW: Nick is talking out loud, trying to figure out how he can do this, and Sharon brings up that maybe they should try to keep it a secret. But Nick doesn't want that. He is pretty hell-bent on telling Phyllis about it. He feels like he owes it to her, and he feels like they had enough secrets and stuff go on between them. He really does genuinely believe that he's trying to be open and forthright with her from this point forward. But when he gets to the airport, he realizes that it's not the right time to tell her. He wants to tell her in the best possible way. Phyllis is going across the world trying to get their daughter healthy, and she's going to be gone for a few weeks. It's not the best time to tell her, because all Phyllis is going to do is sit over there and worry about Nick and Sharon being together and bonding over this baby.

WEEKLY: Is the viewer feedback that you get very split on who Nick should be with, in terms of Sharon and Phyllis?

MORROW: It is. If anything, I think it leans more toward Phyllis. I would say it is probably 65/35 Phyllis. They really like what Nick and Phyllis have done, but you've also got the stalwart fans who will never let go of that Romeo and Juliet story of Nick and Sharon.
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