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Just when it looks like Phillip and Stephanie are en route to living happily ever after, the sex tape of Phillip and Melanie surfaces. Shelley Hennig talks proposals and porn.

SOW:Philip asks Stephanie to marry him again. Is she thinking that they really have a shot at making things work this time?

SH:Yes. Phillip is being up front with Stephanie and she notices this. She tells him that as long as they are honest with each other, their relationship can work. Phillip's also quit his job and cut himself off from the Kiriakis family for Stephanie and for himself. That was a big step for him to take.

SOW:Melanie and Nathan arrive just in time to witness Stephanie accept Phillip's proposal, and the foursome celebrate with champagne. Does Stephanie really buy Melanie's happy act?

SH:Steph can tell Melanie is a little off about it and a little jealous. Stephanie has an idea that maybe a little something went on between Melanie and Phillip when she and Phillip were broken up, but she's not concerned that it's any big deal, because she knows that Phillip loves her. Steph also feels badly about Nathan. They were starting to connect, and she can tell that he's upset as well. They're both covering, but Stephanie can't worry about that. She's too exicted about being engaged to Phillip again.

SOW:What happens next?

SH:Steph and Phillip go back to her place and make love. It's romantic and hot (laughs). It's always hot with Jay.

SOW:Afterward why does Stephanie call Melanie?

SH:I played it like Stephanie knew Melanie was jealous and covering earlier, that she knew Melanie was upset about them getting back together, because she has always had a thing for him. Stephanie calls to thank Melanie for being a bigger person, swallowing her pride, and at least pretending to be happy for her.

SOW:Meanwhile, the sleazy hotel manager releases the video of Melanie and Phillip having sex onto the internet. Is there any fallout for Stephanie?

SH:Yes. Steph goes to the hospital, and the candy stripers are being mean and rude and kind of making fun of her. They're saying things like, "Your ring looks a little rusty since the last time we saw it." Stephanie does understand why they are acting this way. Stephanie and Nathan walk into the break room and see some candy stripers looking at a computer screen and giggling. Nathan says, "Looks like you guys didn't invite us to the party."

SOW:Does Stephanie have any idea what's in store for her? Or that her reconciliation with Phillip is about to be blown to smithereens?

SH:No. She's still thinking, "I'm getting with Phillip, I've got my ring back on, and we're getting married. We're finally going to be together." In fact, Phillip just left for a job interview in Chicago, and Stephanie told him if he got it, she'd move there with him.

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