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Ok the previews don't really interest me at all. The only one maybe I will watch is Bope storyline. I don't understand why they are going for the Nathan and Melanie pairing...so...yucky. Nathan to me looks like a little boy dressing up to play doctor. Philip and Melanie have wayyyyyyyyyy more chemistry and their love scene was hot!! God...why Days?

Also...why do Melanie and Nathan get arrested for helping Daniel??? I haven't watched the show a whole lot lately but do Nathan and Melanie even know Daniel that well??? To me that makes no sense whatsoever. If it was Philip and Melanie helping that would make more sense since Philip knows Daniel better and then Melanie is just along for the ride so to speak. But Nathan and Melanie helping make no sense to me....especially to the extent they get arrested. God I hope Daniel bails them out and gives them a big thank you!! Geeeeezzz

Ooooh and Daniel proposing to Chloe??? Um...isn't she still married?? So what all of a sudden she is getting divorced or annulment?? WTF???? I guess Nadia is leaving in November and I guess they will ride off into the sunset :( God...I hate this. I love Daniel but I HATE this storyline with Chloe...so utterly utterly ridiculous. I am praying praying praying that like something will stop them from walking down the aisle and Daniel stays and gets a better storyline. I just can't believe he is proposing....their whole freaking "relationship" is nothing but a fantasy!! Hell he could not even keep it his pants when she was in a coma!! Days is suuuuuchhhh a dumb*ss!!

I don't know why I even bother watching this show anymore...I really don't. They have done nothing but disappoint this past year and this is not even the Days I grew up watching. So so so so sad Corday let his show gets this way. And I am sorry but staying in third place?? Honestly, I would not be surprised one bit if someone was sleeping with someone to get higher ratings. What a joke this soap has become!! :(
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