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Part 2:

Kidnapped! The Wrap-Up

Bo and Hope have gotten their daughter Ciara back thank God but Hope believes its not thanks to Bo and his one-track mind. The kidnappers asked for ransom money and Hope was more than ready to give it to them Victor had provided it. Bo, however, had another idea. He ran off after Hope where she was supposed to make the exchange and she was furious with him. Why was he there? Bo told Hope he had "a gut feeling, which of course tips her off," Kristian told us. "He's had another vision. His visions don't always come true. He's not infallible. She's upset, disturbed, by his choice to do this. She basically calls him a liar. It has nothing to do with his gut. He had a vision. Why can't he just be honest?"

Of course, the vision that he had was of Ciara getting shot during the exchange. He was understandably terrified that that might come true, while Hope was just desperate to do whatever it took to get her daughter back. Back at the police station, Hope wanted to know what Bo's plan was. He knew what not to do; what could they do, instead? "Next thing we know," Kristian said, "he decides that he's not giving the ransom. The kidnappers call in and he grabs the phone and says you're never going to get the money. He's completely putting their daughter in harms' way. He thinks he's doing the right thing, but he's threatening the kidnappers; he's threatening the people that have our daughter. He can't see anything else. And he's jeopardizing her chances of surviving, especially by letting them know that they're never going to get the money. So she's upset about that."

In fact, Hope was very upset. Her upset, and desperation, grew when Bo made his next decision: he held a televised press conference and offered the $5 million of ransom money as a reward on the kidnappers' head! Hope was completely against it, but Bo, as Kristian put it, "cannot listen to anyone else. He goes out to do the press conference. Hope walks out with Justin to hear what he has to say, not wanting to be a part of it, AT ALL! She stands in the background, and Bo pulls her in. It's like The Godfather! They pull me back in! And the camera turns on Hope and it looks like she's a part of this, as well. He's turned the ransom money into a bounty on their heads now. And Hope asks what is their incentive, now, to give our daughter back? Safely and alive. He's given them nothing."

"Everything is starting to mount," Kristian continued. "We get a hit on the computer and find out that these kidnappers were staying at a hotel. And find out that one of the kidnappers is a registered sex offender. The blood just drains from her body. So they're off to the motel and find a map and one thing leads to another and we find our daughter. And, of course, Dean gets there before anyone." And Bo apparently thinks, "just because, thank God, they have her back, the slate is clean. The slate is NOT clean! She holds him responsible. He gambled with one of the most precious things in their lives. Ciara. And he was just so blinded by control? and he had to make all of the choices." Bo believes that Hope should be happy since they have Ciara home. Hope wonders what if it happened again? Bo put their daughter in the middle of a shoot-out and it doesn't look like she's going to be able to forgive him.

As for her littlest costar, Lauren Boles, who plays Ciara, Kristian has nothing but good things to say. "She's so, so wonderful," Kristian told us. "She's delicious. She's such a sweet, non-show girl. She's kind of in awe and having fun. We had all these fight scenes and everything and I had to hold her the whole time. I'd say, 'okay, are you ready? You're going to do this, then you're going to do that! Yell as loud as you can so your mom can hear you on the other side of the set!' She's such a good listener; she takes direction great. But what I'm most impressed with is how kind she is. She's so unaffected. She is just a sweet little girl. And I make her repeat things because I love hearing her voice. There are no "R"s in her vocabulary. So I'll have her repeat things all the time. After about the third time, she's caught onto me. She's a blast."

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