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Aug 27 2009, 12:16 PM
You mean we're getting an actual promo for Carly's return?! Remember the one they did for Lisa Rinna when she returned as Billie in 2002? I loved it. I loved at the end, when she said "There's no place like home." They did one for Melissa Reeves and Matthew Ashford when they returned in 2000 and 2001. I want to see something like that again. It needs to solely focus on Crystal Chappell and Carly, no one else.
Those were awesome and I love that they promoted the returns well in advance. I hated how recent returns weren't until last minute.

The producer tweeted and the promos that were shot involve CC and KA in gowns and PR in a tux. They also shot interviews. She said the promo should be up around the week of 9/14 (three weeks prior to CC's return) and the interviews should be up for the week of 9/28 to build up to her return. I just hope they actually show the promos on more then the internet consistently and maybe even show snippets of the interviews at the end of the show during the credits during the week leading to her return. That would be cool.

ETA: The producer just responded to mu questions. I will post what I asked below and her answers under them.

@heyjude14 I think the promos for Carly's return should air earlier then that. This is one return that deserves major buildup, Vivian's too.

@PXRising05 First promos for Carly Bo & Hope will roll out Sept. 25th

@heyjude14 Do you know anything about Micheal Sabatino's return? There really hasn't been confirmation but it seems true and CC said it was.

@PXRising05 Yes he will be on Days.

By promos, I assume she means promos featuring actual show clips since she already said the week of 9/14 we would see the first promos of Carly's return, which is the stuff they shot with KA, PR, and CC all dressed up.

She also posted this:

"We did another fun shoot on Tues. with about 12 Days actors for our new NBC rebranding...and for our promos specifically...these will roll out Mon. 9/14."

Since it's the Fall, NBC always changes up it's promo style so it sounds like Days will be taking on the new NBC style for promos, bumpers, etc. We'll see how it looks but it sounds like we will be seeing lots of new stuff promotion-wise in the weeks ahead. We'll see how it all turns out.

Also good that she gave us confirmation on Micheal Sabatino since the mags never really came out and confirmed it and neither did the show.

I will post anything more that I find out.
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