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Give us the dish on Carly. Itís never good news with that gal.
Well, Carly has committed a murder and sheís on the run. When we first see her, sheís in Europe and trying to make her way back to Salem. Because of what sheís done, there are other people in danger, too, and she needs help from Bo.

Bo is the only guy on the planet who can help her? Something tell me Hope isnít gonna see it that way.
Bo is the only person Carly can trustóthe only man who has ever really been there for her. Heís proven himself in the past. Slowly over time, youíll see what has happened to Carly during the 16 years away, although isnít everything comparatively boring after being buried alive? There have been some good years and some not-good years for her, and obviously itís ended on kind of a sour note.


Thatís where Carly is. I just remembered. Sheís in Monaco!

That is one scenario I never thought of for Carly's return. I am excited to see how this plays out.
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