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Aug 27 2009, 06:26 PM
SOW has an article on this too. It has a bit more info about the letter sent to Sami:

Rafe visits the attorney and learns about the letter to Sami. The attorney explains that he doesn't know what is in it, he was told to mail it if the event of Dr. Baker's death. Rafe knows there is something in that letter that defines the connection between Sami, Nicole, Grace, and Dr. Baker. Rafe heads to Sami's place to intercept it, but Nicole is there and she gets it before Rafe arrives.

Rafe shows up and doesn't know that Nicole has the letter. He starts going through the mail and it is not there. He notices that Nicole is acting funny. Then she takes off to the bathroom and Rafe is like, 'Oh, my God! She's got it.'"

Rafe goes after her. "This is just more confirmation that something serious is really going down here," insists Gering. "Rafe's determined to find out what that is. He won't be deterred."
thanks Angie..SUPERRAFE :puke:
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