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Aug 28 2009, 12:50 PM
Please don't say that the vets were fired b/c of GG. They were fired b/c of money and budget issues. How has Lucas been removed from his kids' lives,other than by his own choice? He was the one who didn't come to Grace's funeral, and who spent no time with Will after her death and decided Will should live with Caroline instead of him. Rafe didn't have anything to do with any of that or his decision to marry Chloe-- to me that is when he got dumbed down and it didn't have anything to do with either Sami or Rafe.

i actually think it's pretty fair for BD fans to make the argument that lucas has been pushed aside to make room for rafe. it's not like lucas the character purposely wasn't there for sami--he wasn't around because the writers wanted rafe to play that role. nothing more and nothing less.

i really can't speak to the popularity of sami and rafe. all i know is that i personally do not care for the character of rafe, who to me is just a carbon copy of luis from passions. i was willing to give him a chance and did give him a chance until the writers inserted him into the babyswitch storyline, a storyline he simply does not belong in for all the reasons i've listed on this thread and in others.

i think the misake that was made initially was only allowing rafe to be involved in sami and her drama. he could have a role in his sister's drug story, which actually makes sense to me, but for some reason, rafe only serves as a vehicle for sami's storylines. i think that's a mistake, and in the case of his ridiculous accusations when it comes to nicole(and on the same hand, his utter refusal to be honest with the woman he supposedly loves), it only serves to hurt the character's development and likeablility factor. again, that's just me. obviously rafe has his fans. i'm just speaking as a person that was completely indifferent to the character and actor before he appeared on days. nothing they've done thus far with rafe makes me like him. in fact, i feel quite the opposite.
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