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Aug 28 2009, 12:33 PM
Aug 28 2009, 12:10 PM
Aug 28 2009, 08:00 AM

Quoting limited to 3 levels deep really
Frankly I do not care what you believe,,I know what I think.Ej got the stupids,when Sami went in WP,with that boring ass,LAME mumbling baffoon...and Lucas has completely removed from his kids life,to pimp that bore.When he was brought on,,our vets got canned.Thaao said,Tomlin had a new vision for the show,,evidently,,to turn it into Passions 2.And when I mentioned standards,dear..I was referring to the ACTING of the actors,not the characters,,so sorry,you misunderstood,tho I will say,if I am going to watch a soap,I would prefer my characters,to actually be interesting,and not mumble and stare off into space.Sami had someone decent and upright,,and that was Lucas,,but then BD was thrown to the wolves for GG as well,wasn't he?? :hmmph:
I think this is a little biased. Letīs not forget EJ is a relative newbie too. Three years ago he was nobody, yet Sheffer was pushing him and his love/hate "romance" with Sami much more than Tomlin is doing with Rafe. Not only we had to endure the Colleen/Santo nonsense, but most of the year it was the only real story of the show. Everything else just went nowhere. Almost every episode featured either Sami and EJ fighting about their relationship, Lucas fighting with Sami about her feelings for EJ, or EJ and Lucas fighting with each other. Atleast this time there are actually some real storylines and the show consists more than characters talking about their "feelings".
Eh,if you chose to believe that,,thats fine with me,,I do not care.But its not bias.If it were I would not be defending BD now would I??
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