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well when and if this switch ever comes to light, id sure like to know how ej dimera is going to get anyone to believe he wasnt in on this from the beginning. he of course is and always has been convinced of nicoles pregnancy, even if he never noticed it was fake, no one would believe that one, that being said it stands to reason no one would believe he was not aware of the switch, even if, truth be told he is and always has been totally clueless about it...however he is a dimera, and they arent the clueless types. so i see the whole dimera gang at the mansion going down for something in this switch deal, nicole of course bging the ring leader, stefano, well its stefano...he knew, at least recently he knew thats enough right there lol , ej...also a dimera so he had to know...and the only other ones, mia whos baby it was that was switched, and brady, who knew when nicole lost her own baby, and who was with her thru out the whole thing from finding mia to hiding the fact that " mia's" baby was sydney...he knew that much, not about the switch, wonder what he would have done if he knew...

i also hope that roman and the police get involved in this also, or maybe just roman since bo and hope are still dealing with ciara's kidnapping and that resulting trauma there

daniel i dearly hope saves chloes life and they get together, kate needs to be hung out to dry for this, although lucas and phillip should be very much outraged by her latest attempt to "save her sons from the evils of any woman but mommy" scheme, victor eh i dont know how they should react to him he is victor lol unlike the suddenly clueless dimera clan he tends to be all knowing and has a mind like a steel trap...cold never put one over on old victor thats for sure.

i think things are finally starting to move toward some serious good shows soon...oh and about sami and rafe, lucas, and ej....i think she and lucas will eventually find their way abck to each other, i dont ever see her forgiving ej for the switch even if he never had clue one, sami will never buy that .

anyway those are my thoughts :)
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