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Aug 30 2009, 08:48 AM
Rafe is going to knock out Nicole or assault her given his track record??? What track record?? When has Rafe ever hit a woman or assaulted one? :shrug: :shrug:
Never that I can remember. On the other hand, he has done what he has needed to do to protect women.

rafe is a thief. he stole nicole's cell phone, and illegally accessed her medical records, along with all the other women who went to baker's clinic. he had grace's birth certificate forged, effectively making sure that according to the united states, she doesn't exist as a human being. at this point, assault would be the least of his many many transgressions of the law he is supposed to be committed to upholding.

shall i go on? he's a criminal, plain and simple. nothing that he does would surprise me. he's committed like ten felonies and he's been on the show for what, six months? i'm sure it wouldn't bother rafe to commit yet another crime, just as long as it gets him back into sami's good graces and gets her to stop questioning him about emily's death.
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