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I do find Rafe to be boring, but I find EJ to now be stupid and boring. All in all, just boring is better. However, none of it all really matters as the ratings have put Days head on the chopping block.

The utter ruination of the character of EJ with his involvement with Nicole, who outsmarts him at every turn has totally emasculated him for me. I look at him, and find myself longing to have onscreen a scene with Lucas. As a former Ejami fan who loved the couple to death, seeing what this writing and production team have done to them makes me ill.

I would hope for EJ to be killed off as there is just no way to bring him back now and if they could at least off him in a glorious send off, there might be something of him to remember. Rafe? Yeah, he is John redux, but then John without Isabella was nothing to write home about either.

And while I do not find Rafe to be exciting, at least he seems to have a brain cell or two working. Calling him a thief is sort of funny, his crimes pale in comparison to EJ's, but heck, I liked EJ when he was being a criminal, I just hate him being a dunce.
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