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Lindsey Hartley did exactly what I knew she would...brought life to the character. Felisha was slowly improving and was finally doing little things to help the character but she should've been doing that all along. I know this was her first big job but I've seen even the worse actors at least try to do little things to make their character interesting. Felisha was also awkward and uncomfortable with Eric Martsolf a majority of the time, especially in the bikini scene a few weeks ago. Lindsey brought more to the character in one episode then Felisha did her whole entire run. Plus, she didn't play her like Theresa. She showed she can play a completely different character. I can't express enough how much I adore her. She single-handedly kept me watching Passions a few years longer then I would've without her.

Did anyone notice the dialogue in Lindsey's first scene? The way Brady asked if she would be at the Pub for awhile and Arianna responded that she would be there until closing? That felt very tongue in cheek to me.

Lindsey and Galen still have that great sibling chemistry. I know Galen likes her and all but this does hurt him because Lindsey swallows him whole in scenes. Even in their simple scenes together on Friday, she dominated the scene. Galen reminds me alot of Nadia Bjorlin during her first run when she wasn't totally awful and showed signs of being decent. I like Galen and think he can be ok but he falls into bad habits and never seems to expand the character or take chances. He just plays it safe. Nadia used to do the same and it's boring. Galen has more in him then that.

Lindsey and Eric still have the chemistry too. Having watched Monday's already, it's definitely there. Eric and Galen both seemed happy to have her and Lindsey was very comfortable.

As for the rest of the episode, pretty good. I suggested putting Mia and the teens in more scenes with older characters and I got it. Taylor really comes alive as Mia outside the teen set. She felt more comfortable and natural in her scenes with EJ and Brady, just like she does with Nicole. The teens need more scenes outside their own story. I think it will only help their acting.

The Kate/Daniel scenes were intense. Lauren and Shawn were fantastic.

Glad the Chloe stuff is finally moving again. Nice seeing Craig too. Kevin Spirtas looks great. I didn't mind Craig being ok with the situation with Chloe. He's a doctor. He knows how dire the situation is. Lucas hinted at what Chloe did with Daniel and they both clearly didn't feel the need to focus on that at the moment with the big decision that had to be made.

Enjoyed Sami/Nicole. Good ending too with the Baker drama, Sami going off after Rafe, and Nicole calling Stefano and EJ overhearing.

About the opening...I made a comment to the promo producer on twitter regarding it. The opening is such an important part of Days history. They need to get the old opening back and cut something else. I don't want to lose the trivia either. Why not get rid of the daily previews or air them along the side during the credits? The opening in it's current form is trash. I'm sure it was Tomlin's idea but I blame Corday since he handles the music for the show and I'm sure he handled the shortening of the opening. The opening could've been shortened in a much better way.
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