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Rafe was brought in so that Sami could do a whole heap of pre-taped episodes before AS went on maternity leave. The baby switch thing was brought in to give EJ a storyline while Sami was out of the picture. The baby switch storyline is being DRAGGED OUT for all eternity, so that the writers can time it right to fall in with AZ's maternity leave.

EJ has become boring because he's been paired up with Nicole. JS has admitted in the past that as a person, he feels more comfortable working with AZ. He has to actually put effort in with AS and ACT, so that's why he was more dynamic when he was acting opposite Sami's character. He's just so comfortable with AZ that he doesn't really ACT around her. Even Nicole's character isn't as interesting as she used to be. I liked her sassy wit and fire. That's gone too since she's been paired up with JS. Bring back the old Nicole. Bring back the old EJ - I want his wit and fire back too and his attractive steadfast love (you say obsession, I say committment) for the one woman (Sami). Love is so fickle these days that I found his tunnel vision very uplifting.

I understand that things like maternity leave are out of the writer's control and they have to work it all in, but it just makes me sad that my favourite characters have become 'weak' as a result.

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