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I hope they dont lock Arianna into a romantic pairing right off the bat. It seems when they do that then they let character development go by the way side. I know Jack D. was around before Jen but something happened to that character and now whenever Jack is mentioned as a possibility of coming back people say 'oh I can't imagine Jack without Jen'. I think one of the reasons why EM's Brady has been doing well is because he's had other things to do than romance the ladies but the fires are still stoked with the possibilities so there's a little bit of balance.

As for the Passionification of Days, I really don't see it too much. What I see is a heavily JER influenced show that really has nothing to do with the actors but more with technique with the fake outs, red herrings and pushing the sexual limits. Really, even when JER wasn't on the show he still had a major impact on the story telling even during Hogan's reign. Personally, it wouldn't bother me if more of the Passion stars came on the canvas because I see them as a legacy like a fraternity.

IMO last summer was really bad and not just because the s/l's weren't going my way, but because the show seemed schizoid and held together with bubble gum and spit. At least now there's a little bit of cohesion. The dialogue is still spotty but when it's good it's good. They have also taken some chances that have given the actors something to draw deep within themselves like the sex offender stuff and showing EJ grieving over Grace's bodybag. I do hope that they move more towards character driven s/l's but as long as I see the actors/characters connecting with one another and conveying something I as an audience member can relate to even if I am not 16 years old or have had a miscarriage then the show will be good in my eyes. Dont get me wrong, there's still a lot of boring things/pairings going on and lots of room for improvement but there's still hope.
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