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Rafe is going to knock out Nicole or assault her given his track record??? What track record?? When has Rafe ever hit a woman or assaulted one? :shrug: :shrug:
Never that I can remember. On the other hand, he has done what he has needed to do to protect women.

rafe is a thief. he stole nicole's cell phone, and illegally accessed her medical records, along with all the other women who went to baker's clinic. he had grace's birth certificate forged, effectively making sure that according to the united states, she doesn't exist as a human being. at this point, assault would be the least of his many many transgressions of the law he is supposed to be committed to upholding.

shall i go on? he's a criminal, plain and simple. nothing that he does would surprise me. he's committed like ten felonies and he's been on the show for what, six months? i'm sure it wouldn't bother rafe to commit yet another crime, just as long as it gets him back into sami's good graces and gets her to stop questioning him about emily's death.
OK, Rafe took Nicole's cell phone, but that is hardly a felony. He did not access her medical files-- they were all deleted. Even the nurse at the clinic told him that, and he said "why am I not surprised". If he had accessed them, then he would have known that she had a miscarriage and he doesn't know that. I don't recall him accessing any other women's medical records at the clinic. He wasn't interested in their records-- only Nicole's and the nurse couldn't find hers.

Rafe had Sami's permission to get the birth certificate. He didn't do it on his own. So why blame Rafe for the whole thing.

And Bo and Roman-- they always play by the book when they are investigating a case? Don't think so. Even Bo said-- Rafe doesn't always play by the book and then he and Roman laughed about it and said well, that's not uncommon is it? Who else do we know that operates like that? So, it is OK for other members of the Salem PD to do illegal things and not play by the book, but not for Rafe to do it???
Well...first of all, Rafe isn't a member of the Salem PD. He's a construction worker. Part time, it would seem - particularly given that he's able to jet off to the Dominican Republic (on his sis's borrowed credit card) without mentioning anything to his boss.

Secondly, he didn' t access Nicole's medical files BECAUSE they were deleted - not for lack of trying. :lol:

And forging birth certificates...regardless of who's 'permission' he had...is still criminal. And I won't bother to go back and look through Safe clips for obvious reasons...but I seem to remember that he got all of that taken care of without Sami's knowledge and then sprung it on her in bed as a 'surprise'. *sigh* He's so romantic. :wub: :eyeroll:
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