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as was mentioned in the episode, each patient's name had codes next to indicating what procedure they had done in the clinic, so technically, sarah and rafe were acessing medical records. additionally, both he and sarah are guilty of breaking into the clinic. sarah is no longer an employee at the clinic. she is not legally allowed to break in, give rafe the password, and look up records of former patients. even the act of the two looking to see who had visited the clinic is a crime in and of itself. if rafe doesn't like the laws that protect patient confidentiality, then perhaps he should talk to his congressman about it.

as for sami giving rafe 'permission' to forge a birth certificate, GMAB. he's a former law enforcement official, and he knows darn well that sami giving him permission to commit a crime means nothing to the justice system. it's not as if any judge or jury would say, 'i guess it's alright since rafe's girlfriend asked him so nicely.' what he did in forging that paperwork was a serious, serious crime, as anyone knows who has tried to get their kid a social security number or a driver's license, passport, etc. trust me on this one--it wasn't in grace's best interest to have a fake birth certificate, and rafe of all people should have known that.

i also couldn't care less if bo, hope, roman and abe have all broken laws in order to find a short-cut to expose a criminal. when they do it, it's wrong too, so arguing that 'everyone else does it' doesn't fly with me. rafe is still a criminal.
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