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kitkat, I don't completely disagree with your assessment of Sami's relationships, but I do have to argue with the statement that Sami has a heart of pure gold. The Sami that I remember, who doesn't seem to exist anymore, was ruthless and would do anything to get what she wanted regardless of the consequences. She made bad decisions, and blamed everyone else when it blew up in her face. And she NEVER had pure motives--it was all selfishness.

I agree that Sami, at least the old Sami, was motivated by a desperate need to be loved and accepted by her family. I don't know what this incarnation of Sami is motivated by, but the character is not as interesting to me as in the past. Yet I know that characters have to be given the opportunity to grow and change, but for me Sami has lost her edge in the process.
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