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Viewing Single Post From: DAYS:Spoilers for wk of August 31st

Aug 27 2009, 08:37 AM
Aug 27 2009, 08:03 AM
At least Rafe has a clue as to what is going on here. How many times has EJ heard Nicole say things and do things that don't make sense and he still lets it go????

Rafe is the only interesting character right now.
I like the new Sami, but they need to put her in the mode of wondering what is going on,too. Finally, yesterday, I think she got a clue with the call from Dr. Baker and both Lucas and Rafe warning her about Nicole's friendship. I realize she is still grieving, but they need to move her on already.
DUH!And why is Ej being so stupid??TO PIMP,GG...good grief...its not hard to figure out.And the boy needs all the pimping he can get.TOMLIN,,GG 's,bud...is running this show..if Ed Scott were still running it,,Ej would still have his brains.And Tomlins OBVIOUS love of GG,is ruining this show.Demos are at record lows...whispers yesterday,that DOOL might not get renewed,,and in its place a reality show..and for the record..James Scott can do freakin LAPS around the park with Sydney,,and emote more emotion than GG can do in an entire show.Sami is a bad girl,,born and bred,,and I and many,many others do not want to see her try and be Marlena...cause she never will be,no matter what those hacks write..As for interesting,well I have standards I suppose..I like my actors to do more than look pretty,and mumble their way through their scripts.Ej,and everyone in this baby switch have been sacrificed,for that twit RAFE
I agree with you, but I have a gripe that James Scott saw what was written for his character and called it good. Now he is so obviously bored with what they have made his character into that he is sleep walking through his role.

Rafe is the only character of interest, besides the befuddled Nicole who is pooping her pants every three minutes in fear. Rafe right now has the brain, and the dashing air of the hero about him. I wish this had been James Scotts role, but he of course, wanted to be a bad boy. Well, I got news, his version of bad boy right now is being upstaged by Johnny. He sucks, he is just a terrible character. I feel bad for both the character and the actor, and I feel badly that the show is sinking into the quicksand due to bad choices on the writers part, the producers part, and the acting choices being made by James.
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