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I thought Lindasy did a phenominal job today. They actually gave Arianna some good stuff today......I really can't imagine Terrell giving today's scenes any sort of life. I started watching today's show totally forgetting that Lindsay was in the role and when I started watching I was like......OHHHHH...So THIS is what Arianna was supposed to be. She brought some much needed life to the character and made her interesting, where before, it was like watching a scarecrow awaiting birds. YAWN. I'm thrilled with Lindsay Hartley so far and it doesn't feel like a Passions reunion like I was afraid would happen. LOVED Stefano and Nicole today. Ari Zuker's expressions are priceless. Kate's braclets rattling got on my nerves. It reminded me of Tabitha on Passions. LOL I missed the last segment due to storms in the area......But from what I saw, I enjoyed today's show. Looks interesting....especially the death of Dr. Baker.
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